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Louis – our first dressage competition ~Foo Fighters: “Razor”~


After years of always wanting to do dressage but never having the guts, the transport, or the horse at the same time, I finally entered a local dressage day. Louis competed in the Prepatory 2 & 4 Walk/Trot classes and while the P4 test (which was run first) was pretty average as he wasn’t settled, I couldn’t have been happier with the work he produced in the P2. I know there are many rider faults in there, and some moments of resistance, but I was very proud of Louis for learning to execute decent walk/trot transitions in the space of a week and pulling them off in the ring. We scored a solid 59.4% for a 4th placing, with 7s for the walk movements. A lot of the critique for this test was in regards to him being on the forehand a lot of the time, but for a prep test I couldn’t really care less – he was submissive and worked with me, and did me proud for a horse who couldn’t trot in a straight line, would flick his head around instead of putting it down most of the time (he could do it but not consistently), and liked to try and pace (even though he isn’t a standardbred!) in between walk and trot 3 months ago!
Your comments and constructive critique are welcomed.

As a side note, I did hear someone comment on my wearing spurs in a Prep test today. Fair enough, they didn’t know the horse but my reason for doing so is that he gets very worried when I ride with a whip – I’m not sure exactly of the history behind this but I think I can probably guess. That being the case, I decided to ride with spurs for the comp and the week leading upto it as he took to them very easily, but now the comp has been and gone, we’ll be returning to spurs-free work at home and slowly getting him used to the dressage whip.

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RNSvideomedia.com coverage of the American Eventing Championships at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne Chicago Illinois in 2007. Featuring Sarah Jenkinson and Keogh

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Spring 2009 Dressage Schooling Show! (254+ SUBSCRIBERS!)

This is a big montage of the dressage show on Saturday!
*NOTE:* I AM NOT ONE OF THE RIDERS!!! So please don’t ask!


Karen on Good to See Ya! (The appy!)
Jillian on Lex Luther (the lighter bay)
Snookie on Dance with Me (darker bay with blaze)
Heather on Bueno’s Gold Badger (lightish bay with star + blaze, tall rider)

I was fortunate enough to be the pooper-scooper person! :P
Next Sunday there is a 4-H show (in which I will be riding in!) and I am hoping to get some videos and pictures from that!
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Next videos to come:
Video in memory of Buster, my aunt’s dog that passed earlier this morning :(
Frisco’s adventure 5

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Eventing Strong

Eventers from Poplar Place show what it takes to Event.

Please Ride Responsibly

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Robbie Dancer British Eventing Borde Hill

Hii guys, OMG so pleased with my horsey! he did AMAZING- all is explained in the video :P Insanely bold on the xc, no wobbly moments! So we’ve decided to move him up to pre novice (3ft3) and he will be doing his first one in two weeks, exciting :P Left school now so i can DEDICATE my time to our dressage which i really need to work on if im gonna win any pre-novices! but just to get a clear xc round one would be fab :) i think we will leave the winning to next year!
I uploaded pictures of all the jumps i jumped on the course because i thouight it would be intresting for foreign riders to see what the courses over here are like, also i tend to look on youtube for courses i havent ridden at yet to see if they are suitable for my horse so if anyone was wondering what the borde hill intro was like well now you know =]
neway hope everyone is gooood,
love anna xx


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eventing in mexico

wooow that was a fun trip i got second place with casper because my horse was hurt but i like him.In the dressage i know i wasnt on the bit but it is because that horse cant go on the bit althought we got first place in dressage we went to second because of my time in the showjumping. its a shame i dont have a vid of the cross and the jumping but it is because my camera didnt have battery, well dont critizise im not perfect neither the horse, enjoy this is a bit of how the Eventing is in mexico.

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Mission Pacific Dressage Show 3/7

soooo this is king and my first show ever!! we did training test 3 and 4, however 3 was not caught on video =( i was very pleased for our first actual time being out of the barn!

Training test 3 (not on video)
this test went a lot worse than the other one. he was leaping and spooking at everything. the judge even wrote “kicked out” on the test several times. however the judge lovedddd him so somehow we managed a 66% =D

Training test 4
still a lot of things we need to work on, but still really happy we got it a little more together. we scored a 63% we has us half way qualified for junior usdf champs!!

overall, very successful day! and i really could not have done it without my amazing dressage trainer lindsay, she is amazing and a miracle worker!!

love u king

oh and sorry its so late and very poorly editted, got really lazy lol

up coming shows:
moorpark event derby on march 21st
ram tap horse trials april 9-11
tell me if u’ll be there!!

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Vicki Kelley shows I1 on her Bavarian Warmblood

Vicki Kelley rides Rondo Veneziano Intermediare I at the Sandhills Dressage Show in Pinehurst North Carolina on May 7, 2010 to win the FEI class with a score of 67%

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Festival of British Eventing, Gatcombe Park Horse Trials 2009.

high quality:)
so this was the third day of the festival, sunday 9th august. it was suchhh a great day & this video includes clips from the british open 3* showjumping & cross country. (no dressage as its boring :L)
the winner was Ruth Edge & Two Thyme, ahead of Oli Townend & Flint Curtis.
but sadly Ginny Howe & Cavort fell at the hsbc corners, and poor Cavort broke his shoulder, and was later pts :( we got it on video, but deleted it as it was actually horrible to watch. theres a quick tribute to him at the end, with a picture and video i took of their showjumping round before the xc. rest in peace :( xx
music is not mine, something good by utah saints.
clips are mine/my sisters.
enjoy!:) xx

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Horse-riding [show jumping & dressage]

This is my first video about horse riding.
I hope you enjoyed it!
Please rate and comment ;)

Music: 4minutes
Videos from: http://www.pro-stallions.com

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