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I keep dancing on my own ♥ dressage shows



This was our first dressage at home and our first dressage at another yard :)

dressage at home; was quite good but the canter let us down a bit :/ wasn’t to surprised though as she’s still learning :) there was 29 in the class and she placed 8th :)
got 62.5% i think and it was Prelim 7

dressage at cockshot; hacked there it’s about 20 minutes away and had to get off an walk half :L she wouldn’t go past a football being kicked in the park :’) got there and she warmed up quite nicely then the test was amazing, best she’d ever gone was really proud with her but the judges comments were a bit harsh and placed 7th :)
got 59.3% i think :/ and it was Prelim 15

just to let you know how amazing this mare is ♥

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Buster’s First Competition; Dressage

Me and Buster had our first competition today- a Dressage test, and he was really good. I was mainly trying to get him used to a show enviroment. Bless him he behaved so well.
On the right leg canter he struck off on the wrong leg, and I chose to carry on and not to correct it as Buster is funny about starting on the right leg (usually on the left rein, but typically he did that perfectly and went wrong on the right leg) So I invisaged us trying for ages to get the correct lead, so decided to just carry on. Unfortunatly this made him unbalenced and so he broke early. But apart from that I was really pleased :)
Also, Buster shakes his head when hes stressed or excited, its not his bit or anything!

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ILPH Georgetown & Amy Smith – Dressage Test Prelim 7

ILPH Georgetown came into the ILPH with severe behavioral issues, including box walking. After rehabilitation, ILPH “George” & groom Amy Smith competed in the Hall Farm Dressage Competition in February 2007. This is their dressage test put to atmospheric music. To find out more about the ILPH, please visit www.ilph.org

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Shianna Gonna Shine – 3rd Dressage Competition 041009

I just love her… She was amazing! I hate to think that i was saying i wanted to sell her the otherday… But i am glad i wont… When she wants to be she can be amazing! She can’t go into rest mode yet though as i have my teaching exams on the 29th, but after that she has a month of fun then she can has the next show… also on the 27th i have had her 16months! And the first and fourth are the first rosettes we have EVER gotten together and at our first show. The other two are online!

Thanks to everyone, SO SO SO SO SO much for keeping me going when things went wrong!

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Kingswood dressage competition – 11th Jan 2009

Flash and i attempting a Dressage Competition on the 11th Jan 2009

We have been working hard at home on flash working long and low and becoming more supple. Sadly on show day flash was in full blown jumper mode… oh how i wish we had gone there to jump he would have been fab!!!
Warming up i had no brakes and a horse that just wanted to bronc. i sat to napping and bucks and flash just demonstrating his general annoyance at the lack of poles and wings! :P

Anyway this video is of horse that has only ever really competed in showjumping for his 13yrs on this earth attempting dressage with his equally novice dressage rider. please enjoy and comment contructively.
the judges comments have been added in the subtitles to give you an idea of what she said.

All things considered im fairly happy with the result but for both mine and flash’s sanity its a jumping outing or some sort for us next!!! xxxx

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Jeni and Taffy 06:02:2010 – Dressage Competition – Prelim One 2006

Me and the horse I look after doing a small Dressage Competition at our local stables. We did Preliminary One from 2006 set to music. Song of choice was Silly God Disco by The GazettE. Our final score was 57% and we got 5th place! Feel free to comment on us but for the most part I know where I went wrong and I’m not into dressage, I just do it to improve the jumping and Taffy’s definitely no show horse! Also please be aware if you are going to comment he’s not the easiest horse in the world to ride. He has his moments so he was really well behaved for this!

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