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2008: Early training of “Minuet” the dressage pony



2008 video: This is Minuet, a 14.1 hand high Arabian pony. Here, I’m just finishing her basic training. This was only her second time trying ANY tempi changes – and both times she performed perfect fours, threes, twos, then a handful of beautiful one-tempis! Not originally intended, but she was having so much fun, we stayed in the moment. Mini loves learning, and is very focused; here I’d trained her only a total of 5 months since breaking her – only five months total under saddle! A remarkable young horse. I started her at four, but afterward only had time to put in a few sporadic months here and there; before we knew it we were headed toward her sixth birthday. Clearly we have not begun any collected work at this early stage of her training (despite playing with the upper level movements). Instead, keeping her very forward, energetic, and relaxed, as all green horses should be IMHO. What a fun, enthusiastic pony! UPDATE for 2009: MINUET HAS JUST COMPETED IN HER FIRST DRESSAGE SHOW…AND SHE DEBUTED AT PRIX ST. GEORGES!!! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT HER 2009 VIDEO, TAKEN A YEAR AFTER THIS ONE! :) -Catherine Gallegos

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Winner of several awards in Hunter, Dressage and Eventing her first year of showing. Year end Grand Champion in green horse and division 1 for Hunters. She has many other awards and is a pleasure to work with. Professionally trained with lots of experience from trails, bringing in cows, cutting shows and more. Seeking show home only, motivated seller. Montana is looking for an enthusiastic ponyclubber or small adult. 100% Homozygous can be reg. APPH or AQPA. See more at www.oakcreekranch.net or Facebook/OakCreekRanchRidingAcademy. Contact Kathy Jefferson at 707-995-3907

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Dressage training

Dressagetraining for Alexandra Myhren on my pony. He’s a mix of shetland pony and welsh cob, and I believe he’s about eleven years old. A genious in disguse he is!

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Yolanda Chatland Dressage Competition 19-12-09

Yolanda’s first dressage (doma) competition at the Escuela de Arte Equestre, Estepona, Spain on December 19th 2009

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Equestrian Sports- Eventing

Show jumping, Dressage and cross country music video.


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dressage on the beach / young dressage horse galloping

such an old video i hate watching this but i guess its good to have old videos from the past that show how far shes come.
Shes not been backed long in this video so she was great me and my 3 year old doin a bit of dressage training on the beach shes only young so dont be nasty i love this horse shes cone one of a way since i got her as a 4 month old foal i would die for this girl shes one in a million i no this horse like i no my right hand so any horid comments will be deleted this horse is amazing shes doesnt need any no it all people puting her down shes my dream horse i will never part with her even if she can never be ridden again i just cant say how much i love you millie you amazing one of a kind and can never be replaced

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Story Of A Horse ~ “Matty” (racehorse to dressage horse journey) ~Kaki King & Foo Fighters~

Kaki King – August Rush soundtrack solos
Foo Fighters & Kaki King – Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners

This video documents my time with a beautiful ex racehorse I affectionately dubbed Matty. He came to have this nickname as his old stable name was ‘Silo’ and I just couldn’t bear being reminded of the amount of feed he consumed (in the initial stages, anyway..) every time I called out to him! I decided on the show name KK Hullabaloo, and Matty (after lead singer Matthew Bellamy of the band Muse, who inspired the show name) just seemed to stick.

Matty has taught me so much…about training, about horse care, and about basic human qualities that tend to be neglected in this day and age.

I love and miss this amazing horse more than words can say, and wish him and his new owner the best of luck as they embark on his dressage career.

Duration : 0:6:24

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Shianna Gonna Shine – 3rd Dressage Competition 041009

I just love her… She was amazing! I hate to think that i was saying i wanted to sell her the otherday… But i am glad i wont… When she wants to be she can be amazing! She can’t go into rest mode yet though as i have my teaching exams on the 29th, but after that she has a month of fun then she can has the next show… also on the 27th i have had her 16months! And the first and fourth are the first rosettes we have EVER gotten together and at our first show. The other two are online!

Thanks to everyone, SO SO SO SO SO much for keeping me going when things went wrong!

Duration : 0:8:57

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Dressage Competition O5/O8/O7 / Part 2

Me and my pony during a Dressage Competition; a higher level.Score; 62,50%

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Chincoteague Pony Dressage Training Level Test 4

This is a very special Chincoteague pony. I bought her a month before my father died from a brain tumor to make our dream come true of owning a Chincoteague Pony. Her name is Taj and she is one in a million. I have been working with my trainer to train Taj for the last 5 months and this is her debut at her first dressage show in Training Level Test 4. Her training is coming along nicely, though we still have more work to do. I was thrilled with her at this show. (Taj would like everyone to know that she would much rather be out on a trail ride :-)

Duration : 0:6:45

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