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Passage & Piaffe at Liberty – www.HorseTraining.org


Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. www.HorseTraining.org presents:
Rumba the Wonder Horse performing the Grand Prix Dressage movements Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. (No ropes or reins attatched).
Georgia Bruce trained Rumba using a combination of Clicker Training, Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage Training Techniques. Georgia has studied the science of how horses learn and this has culminated in teaching this horse to perform Grand Prix Dressage completely at Liberty.

Georgia does not use force or fear in training, only encouragement, rewards and repetition.

Rumba also performs these Grand Prix Dressage movements under saddle.

For more information about Clicker Training, Horse Training, Natural Horsemanship or Liberty Horse Training see: www.HorseTraining.org

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Spring 2009 Dressage Schooling Show! (254+ SUBSCRIBERS!)

This is a big montage of the dressage show on Saturday!
*NOTE:* I AM NOT ONE OF THE RIDERS!!! So please don’t ask!


Karen on Good to See Ya! (The appy!)
Jillian on Lex Luther (the lighter bay)
Snookie on Dance with Me (darker bay with blaze)
Heather on Bueno’s Gold Badger (lightish bay with star + blaze, tall rider)

I was fortunate enough to be the pooper-scooper person! :P
Next Sunday there is a 4-H show (in which I will be riding in!) and I am hoping to get some videos and pictures from that!
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Next videos to come:
Video in memory of Buster, my aunt’s dog that passed earlier this morning :(
Frisco’s adventure 5

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Classical Equines Dressage Lusitano for Classical Shows: TRAVESSO

This beautiful Lusitano does piaffe, passage, changes every two strides, Spanish walk, levade and bows. He is a very talented horse with a wonderful temperament.

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Dressage School Master Lesson

This clip shows Sue Palmer of Holistic Horse Help, visiting Leonie Smith of Daneswood Dressage for a Dressage school master lesson to experience riding passage and piaffe for the first time. Leonie is a sympathetic rider who has trained several horses to Grand Prix level. Sue is a veterinary physiotherapist, and equine behavioural consultant who has competed at national riding club level, dressage show jumping and Eventing.

Duration : 0:4:52

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Jane Savoie’s Dressage Training Tips for Piaffe

http://www.janesavoie.com/ Jane Savoie introduces training tips to a dressage rider for starting piaffe.

I invite you to keep in touch with my monthly newsletter. You can sign up here: http://www.janesavoie.com/

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Gaited Peruvian Paso Dressage Horse Demonstration

Ck out our Andalusian, Horse, and Trick Training DVDs/videos at eBay (search for Andalusian DVD or user id funhorsevideos) and www.spanishvisionfarm.com. Questions? contact skyhorseranch@msn.com. This is 12 yr old ERB Danzador, a Peruvian Paso gelding, performing dressage. I’ve been riding him in AERC endurance rides and practicing a little dressage in the arena. I get alot of Dressage Riders commenting on this video – purely this video was made to show the potential of a gaited horse. It is not meant to show “correct, normal, boring, routine, structured” dressage. The horse and rider are attempting to ride as a team. The rider is attempting to get the most out of the horse (who, by the way, was trained for piaffe/passage by another trainer). The horse was wild til he was a 5 yr old and almost died. He was trained and lived. He came to me blind in one eye as a 12 yr old with alot of fear and uncertainty. Now he is one of my most treasured horses. He loves life and is a fun horse. That’s what it’s all about. He is full of brio. He loves to go! PS. This horse is being ridden with a very mild non-bit hackamore over the nose.

Duration : 0:2:14

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Robert Dover: “One Moment In Time” — SPECTACULAR musical freestyle

Dressage superstar Robert Dover performs a breathtaking musical freestyle on a GREEN horse… the stallion Juvel, who’d only been competing at the grand prix level for a single year at that point!

I remember seeing this back in the day, tough to believe it’s been more than 20 years! Randomly happened to Google it, and was ASTONISHED to find out how many people remember this particular ride. So for those who may not have seen it for a while, enjoy! :)

Performance was an exhibition at the 1988 Washington International Horse Show.

Duration : 0:4:33

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