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Passage & Piaffe at Liberty – www.HorseTraining.org


Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. www.HorseTraining.org presents:
Rumba the Wonder Horse performing the Grand Prix Dressage movements Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. (No ropes or reins attatched).
Georgia Bruce trained Rumba using a combination of Clicker Training, Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage Training Techniques. Georgia has studied the science of how horses learn and this has culminated in teaching this horse to perform Grand Prix Dressage completely at Liberty.

Georgia does not use force or fear in training, only encouragement, rewards and repetition.

Rumba also performs these Grand Prix Dressage movements under saddle.

For more information about Clicker Training, Horse Training, Natural Horsemanship or Liberty Horse Training see: www.HorseTraining.org

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bitless dressage competition at KNHS centre Ermelo (Z1/Z2)

Participant bitless dressage contest (try out) organised by the KNHS

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