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McGuire- Prelim Event Horse SOLD!



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freeway- flatting

Freeway, aka Yolus, is a 9 y/o TB that loves to have a job. He competed in jumpers for the past few years up to 3’3″ (1.0m), winning Reserve High Point Circuit Champion for HITS Culpeper in the 3′ (.9m) jumpers last year. He would like to be a local jumper at 2’6″- 3′ or a dressage horse. He has been around and doesn’t look at the fences. He is careful and turns on a dime. Yolus goes in a snaffle and jumps in a hackamore. He is also schooling third level dressage and seems to enjoy it. However, since he has allergies, he must wear a nosenet when being worked in the summer, which is allowed at Dressage Shows only at the TD’s discretion. He is completely normal wearing the nosenet, which is allowed without question at jumper and hunter shows. He has been competing at schooling dressage shows this spring, recently placing second doing second level test 4. He would best be suited to an intermediate rider who wants to be competitive at dressage schooling shows. He is not the fanciest mover, but knows the movements and is obedient. This guy is not content just sitting in the field and is looking for his next partner to go win with! Additional pictures available. Asking $5000

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RNSvideomedia.com coverage of the American Eventing Championships at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne Chicago Illinois in 2007. Featuring Sarah Jenkinson and Keogh

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Festival of British Eventing, Gatcombe Park Horse Trials 2009.

high quality:)
so this was the third day of the festival, sunday 9th august. it was suchhh a great day & this video includes clips from the british open 3* showjumping & cross country. (no dressage as its boring :L)
the winner was Ruth Edge & Two Thyme, ahead of Oli Townend & Flint Curtis.
but sadly Ginny Howe & Cavort fell at the hsbc corners, and poor Cavort broke his shoulder, and was later pts :( we got it on video, but deleted it as it was actually horrible to watch. theres a quick tribute to him at the end, with a picture and video i took of their showjumping round before the xc. rest in peace :( xx
music is not mine, something good by utah saints.
clips are mine/my sisters.
enjoy!:) xx

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Stuttgart-German-Masters – 2005 Indoor Eventing

I downloaded this vid from a site I was looking at for show jumping and eventig vids, and found this. In the orignial video, the song is playing in the background, and the horse was pretty beated to it, so I just had to edit it to it :P

From what I could make out from the vid (and with some help from you youtubers thanks:P) the horses name is Candlelight, riden by Michael Jong. The horse looks like a Danish Warmblood mare? I don’t speak German. (Even though Melissa will say its the same thing…IT ISNT!:O haha :P)

I think this horse and rider are incredible. There is a real partnership between them. You can tell the horse is giving its all. I think the rider is amazing. He has great postioning, especially over the jumps. He barely moves in the saddle, and has great control of his horse in the confindment of the arena, and at eventer speed. Except for the knocked rail at 2:05, and the slight hesitation at 2:10, a bit before, and between the two jumps, this was a great round.

Music: Cotton Eyed Joe by Jock Jams 3


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USET Three Day Event Competition – The Movie

See this complete film athttps://www.createspace.com/204547. Presents the United States Equestrian team in preparation for the competition in the Olympics. It separately focuses at all three disciplines in detail — show jumping, dressage, and three-day Eventing. The program goes behind the scenes and follows some of the best riders in the world as they prepare to compete. It reveals their passion and courage and shows their great successes and some of their most horrible falls. Includes the absolutely top equestrians competing and reveals what they have to say behind the scenes. Actively used by Equestrians at all levels. Stars include William Steinkraus – President USET, 68 Gold Medalist, Katie Monahan, Louis Jacobs, Barney Ward, Armand Leone, Joe Fargis, Peter Leone, Michael Matz, Mark Laskin, Melanie Smith and many others.

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RNSvideomedia.com coverage of the American Eventing Championships at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne Chicago Illinois in 2007. Featuring Mikki Kuchta and Oz

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Show Jumping and Dressage- Let’s Dance

I will be using the last song for my next video!

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The New and Improved Show Jumping and Dressage-The Way I Are

I made a WAY better vid of my other vid using the same song! :D
Please rate,comment,and enjoy!

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Dressage and Show Jumping- Stand Up (For The Champions)

This video is for littlefadingstar’s contest. I hope you guys like it! Please rate, comment, and enjoy! :D

Artist: Right Said Fred
Album: Stand Up
Song: Stand Up (for the Champions)

Duration : 0:3:23

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