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I keep dancing on my own ♥ dressage shows



This was our first dressage at home and our first dressage at another yard :)

dressage at home; was quite good but the canter let us down a bit :/ wasn’t to surprised though as she’s still learning :) there was 29 in the class and she placed 8th :)
got 62.5% i think and it was Prelim 7

dressage at cockshot; hacked there it’s about 20 minutes away and had to get off an walk half :L she wouldn’t go past a football being kicked in the park :’) got there and she warmed up quite nicely then the test was amazing, best she’d ever gone was really proud with her but the judges comments were a bit harsh and placed 7th :)
got 59.3% i think :/ and it was Prelim 15

just to let you know how amazing this mare is ♥

Duration : 0:3:21

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