Grand Prix Dressage Horse Denmark Feisal
Feisal by Sire Fernando / u.d. Mare by Lavallo – born 1995 – Gelding – Danish Warmblood
Feisal, approx. 174cm tall, was and is still successful presented within international Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Kuer competitions. For example he has won the internation CDI*** dressage horse competition in Oslo – Norway, in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Kuer riding classes. This beautiful white gelding is excellent to ride and is pleasing the dressage rider as well as the spectators. This dressage horse is a very special recommendation for every rider who likes to be successful within the international high qualified Dressage Competitions.

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freeway- flatting

Freeway, aka Yolus, is a 9 y/o TB that loves to have a job. He competed in jumpers for the past few years up to 3’3″ (1.0m), winning Reserve High Point Circuit Champion for HITS Culpeper in the 3′ (.9m) jumpers last year. He would like to be a local jumper at 2’6″- 3′ or a dressage horse. He has been around and doesn’t look at the fences. He is careful and turns on a dime. Yolus goes in a snaffle and jumps in a hackamore. He is also schooling third level dressage and seems to enjoy it. However, since he has allergies, he must wear a nosenet when being worked in the summer, which is allowed at Dressage Shows only at the TD’s discretion. He is completely normal wearing the nosenet, which is allowed without question at jumper and hunter shows. He has been competing at schooling dressage shows this spring, recently placing second doing second level test 4. He would best be suited to an intermediate rider who wants to be competitive at dressage schooling shows. He is not the fanciest mover, but knows the movements and is obedient. This guy is not content just sitting in the field and is looking for his next partner to go win with! Additional pictures available. Asking $5000

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First run of the 2010 Eventing Season!

*PLEASE READ* Check my riding chanel out to follow me and mats progress through the 2010 Eventing season and watch some funny vids of my horsey life!!

(HQ) *PLEASE READ* So this was mats first run this season, he’d had some lameness issues due to an injury to his corranett band earlier the previous week so I wasnt sure if I’d run him, but obviously I decided to :P I had about 5 mins warmup for the dressage and didnt have time to put his studs in and the ground was very deep and slippy in places, this is why he looks slightly hollow and cautious and i think to deep in the neck at times, but it was a “5 mins to get maximum softness, raaahhh, pull-kick-slip” type of tactic. xD Showjumping he was feeling his oats, I think trying a Loro Piana Tomboy impression at some. I swear my horse imagines another foot on these fences…the reason I was so happy at the end was that he’d been very genuine and careful all the way round, I used to be frequently eliminated on him in the sj xD such a shame he got the double down, but to be fair most everything had it. (sorry for this long description I have a lot to say)
–XC– ahhh mannn! This was our bete’noire for the last two seasons. He used to hate it, and had never jumped a clear though hed always gotten round. The first 2 fences were TINY! Then they beefed up a bit, to my shock he jumped a fast clear, never looked at a ditch, straight into the water, dead on his lines to a corner combi, infact he was a machine, there were places where I really had to ride him, but considering our 3 refusals on a steeplechase at Milton Keynes last september, to come out and jump like he did was ace! Seriously, this horse has been so so so difficult, international eventers have been unable to get him round an intro, so Im super proud of him today! I think this event provided a lightbulb moment for him! Fingers crossed for the rest of the season! Bla bla blaaa, man i’ve typed loads…..

*NEW CHANNEL* To follow more of me and mat please visit my riding chanel-

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How do I teach my horse dressage movements?

Hi. I was just wondering how to teach my horse Cappy dressage movements ssuch as:
Flying Change
Leg Yeilding
Seat Aids
And More

He is pretty well trained, he ggoes round and straight, and has already learned the basics of leg yeilding. He is 8 years old and has strong muscles, so strength isn’t really a problem.

Get an instructor or go to some clinics! Or at least buy a dressage training book for the more advanced movements (the flying changes and the piaffes). Training leg yielding is fairly simple, but your horse needs to be able to yield laterally to leg pressure. You can start teaching this on the ground, simply by applying pressure to the horse’s side where you would apply leg pressure if you were riding. A dressage whip can be helpful for this, using it to provide a gentle reminder of what you are asking. Once you get the horse yielding to pressure on the ground, practice it under saddle. The main thing is that the horse has to learn to move sideways but keep his body straight and parallel to the wall, crossing his legs over one another to move correctly. Seat aids, as you put it, are not a "movement", but a necessary method of communication between you and your horse in order to perform any movement of dressage, along with leg and hand aids. Piaffes require far more detailed ground training, so you would definitely need an instructor for this.
Good luck!

Badminton Horse Trials 2008

badminton horse trials 2008- friday dressage. riders include: andrew hoy, polly jackson, rosie thomas(1st time at badminton, & nice person),ruth edge and pippa funnell!! GO PIPPA!! LOL
and short xc preview.

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Dressage Teacher and Trainer Jane Savoie Discusses “Contact” on Dressage Mentor

This clip is just a small sample of the great content you’ll get each month as a member of Dressage Mentor. Check it out at

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Dressage Thoroughbred Stallion Kentucky Blue

Dressage Thoroughbred Stallion with only 6 y.o. , very good temperament , won many Dressage Competition for his age . FOR SALE as stallion or competition. Height : 1,70m ( 16.3 h )

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QST; Dressage# [Tinchy Stryder ft N-Dubz]


Right so this is my sisters loan pony Quarleys Spring Tarragon =]
He such a little Star bless him.
I love riding him
as you can tell it wern’t his best
was so agrivating as he was doing soooo well in warm up and went in to do the test and he kind of lacked concerntration.
but never the less im going to start doing somemore Dressage Shows on him and my sister is going to take my pony rockstar ( he aint being no rockstar atm tbh) to some showjumping shows and stuff.

was ment to be doing the dressage on rocky but i think hes feeling the grass kick into him so hes being a little (brattt) atm. he was playing up in the warm up and dint want to make things any worse so fewww lessons are in orderrr me thinks

but hey thats the way things go so no footage of rocky sorry guys.

anyway enjoy this as i really enjoyed riding him =]

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Mt Arthur Coal Scone One Day Event

Set in the beautiful Upper Hunter Valley, in New South Wales, just outside of the town of Gundy. The Scone One Day Event offers one of the largest prize pools in Australia. Australia’s best vie for the honours in the three star competition, sharing the same day with juniors and locals in the lower levels.
come join me on facebook!


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Harry Callahan American Saddlebred Dressage horse

Harry- an 8 yr old American Saddlebred Dressage gelding. Clip from the 2006 All American Freestyle Symposium. Harry is ridden and trained by Chrissa Hoffmann.

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