McGuire- Prelim Event Horse SOLD!


Duration : 0:8:30

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24 thoughts on “McGuire- Prelim Event Horse SOLD!

  1. TheEventer94

    Oh I just looooove …
    Oh I just looooove him! I wish he wasn’t sold…man oh man is he awsome!!!

  2. JazperIsMyHorse

    can i email u some …
    can i email u some where, ive been looking for a horse to move up in eventing levels since my curent horse is getting arthritus. He is perfect!

  3. saucy11shadow

    how much r u asking …
    how much r u asking for him where u located can he do a full gallop cross country corse does he ride a prelim?

  4. tbloverinaz

    Where are you …
    Where are you located? Flexible on price meaning around $10k or $50k? Thanks

  5. Number1HilaryDuffFan

    Oh he’s GORGEOUS!! …
    Oh he’s GORGEOUS!! ABOUT how much are you asking for him?

  6. chubbsmyboy

    Is he currently …
    Is he currently being competed? If he is where will he be next?

  7. DressageEventChick

    Very Nice :)
    How …

    Very Nice :)
    How much are you selling him for????
    Would he be suitable for someone who is starting to event, or does he need someone who can immedately take him to the higher levels?

  8. courtsoul

    So Gorgous what a …
    So Gorgous what a ease it looks like to ride him… I Love Grays as well… what a great job training him….

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