Passage & Piaffe at Liberty –

Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. presents:
Rumba the Wonder Horse performing the Grand Prix Dressage movements Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. (No ropes or reins attatched).
Georgia Bruce trained Rumba using a combination of Clicker Training, Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage Training Techniques. Georgia has studied the science of how horses learn and this has culminated in teaching this horse to perform Grand Prix Dressage completely at Liberty.

Georgia does not use force or fear in training, only encouragement, rewards and repetition.

Rumba also performs these Grand Prix Dressage movements under saddle.

For more information about Clicker Training, Horse Training, Natural Horsemanship or Liberty Horse Training see:

Duration : 0:0:55

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19 thoughts on “Passage & Piaffe at Liberty –

  1. zavakuria

    does he follow your …
    does he follow your movements without the… (is it a carrot stick or a whip?)? I would really love to learn how you got him to do that. Your video has been stuck in my head for two months, and I just keep wondering how you got him to do that! :D

  2. Rabulsa

    Awful. The piaffe …
    Awful. The piaffe is triangulated, the back sags, the hindquarters are not engaged correktly. This is not a piaffe at all, just sircus.

  3. abirdslife

    Excellent.! I am …
    Excellent.! I am playing with Piaffe also, with my elderly mare using Clicker Training. Its a lot of fun, she is loving the challenge :o)

  4. mizuuchiha323

    That’s beautiful! …
    That’s beautiful! I’m trying to do the Parelli training with my Quarter horse.
    That’s great! What a beauty.

  5. hobbzrulz159

    VERY …

    VERY interesting observation! I will think about this one!

  6. FaithJudgeLucy

    UltimateDq, I …
    UltimateDq, I noticed that too. Although I am far from supportive of hyper flexion, things like this teach me to really look into things before opposing or supporting them.

  7. UltimateDQ

    This is cool. I …
    This is cool. I think it’s funny thought that this horse and some other bridleless horses go behind the vertical in this work. If this horse showed that neck position while being ridden with a bridle some people would be freaking out. I’m not saying it’s bad, I just think it’s interesting the conclusions people might jump to if this horse had a bridle on.

  8. kbowmanphoto

    Now THAT is …
    Now THAT is beautiful and the way it SHOULD be done! Anky is disgusting and so are her techniques!
    This is true horsemanship! THANK YOU!!!

  9. Senyeratheonly

    This is realy …
    This is realy beautiful!
    And he is working very correct with his body.
    You are an amazing handler:)

  10. AnimalsAreEverything

    True dressage: …
    True dressage: horse and human working in a harmonious relationship. You’ve mastered it, good job!

  11. leahz123

    wow that is amazing …
    wow that is amazing please could you get back to me and tell me how you do that as i would love to teach mine that :)

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