2008: Early training of “Minuet” the dressage pony



2008 video: This is Minuet, a 14.1 hand high Arabian pony. Here, I’m just finishing her basic training. This was only her second time trying ANY tempi changes – and both times she performed perfect fours, threes, twos, then a handful of beautiful one-tempis! Not originally intended, but she was having so much fun, we stayed in the moment. Mini loves learning, and is very focused; here I’d trained her only a total of 5 months since breaking her – only five months total under saddle! A remarkable young horse. I started her at four, but afterward only had time to put in a few sporadic months here and there; before we knew it we were headed toward her sixth birthday. Clearly we have not begun any collected work at this early stage of her training (despite playing with the upper level movements). Instead, keeping her very forward, energetic, and relaxed, as all green horses should be IMHO. What a fun, enthusiastic pony! UPDATE for 2009: MINUET HAS JUST COMPETED IN HER FIRST DRESSAGE SHOW…AND SHE DEBUTED AT PRIX ST. GEORGES!!! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT HER 2009 VIDEO, TAKEN A YEAR AFTER THIS ONE! :) -Catherine Gallegos

Duration : 0:5:41


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23 thoughts on “2008: Early training of “Minuet” the dressage pony

  1. CatherineGallegos

    Thanks! I miss her, …
    Thanks! I miss her, she has a wonderful new home, but I think of her every day.

  2. CatherineGallegos

    Thanks! I miss her, …
    Thanks! I miss her, she has a wonderful new home, but I think of her every day.

  3. CatherineGallegos

    Thanks! I miss her, …
    Thanks! I miss her, she has a wonderful new home, but I think of her every day.

  4. CatherineGallegos

    Well, a lot of …
    Well, a lot of training! For half passes you might begin in the cross ties simply by teaching your horse to move over when you press lightly on his/her side where your heel would be. When that signal is clearly and consistently understood, try moving forward and sideways at the walk and trot, mounted, simply by pressing a bit with one heel to move the horse forward and over, while keeping the horse’s frame fairly straight. Perhaps a year into training that, start bending in direction of travel..

  5. GeorgiaBBFLKatie

    thats incredible! …
    thats incredible! how do you train a horse to do half pass and tempi changes??

  6. snazzypk

    wow! im gobsmacked …
    wow! im gobsmacked shes amazing! youve done so well with her its amazing =] x

  7. CatherineGallegos

    Hello to Germany! : …
    Hello to Germany! :) Yes, I’m a trainer in California. You might also enjoy the 2009 video of Minuet…to see how much she has progressed. Best wishes to you!

  8. oOSunyySnowflakeOo

    wow she looks …
    wow she looks gorgeous
    (i love the birds in the background the area looks just wonderfull)
    are you a horse trainer…if yes, where are you? this looks absoloutly outstanding for a basic trainig.

  9. CatherineGallegos

    ha ha! :) wouldn’t …
    ha ha! :) wouldn’t that be great! make sure you watch her new “2009″ video…you’ll love that too. ;)

  10. wheninrome924

    i want her. i was …
    i want her. i was ready to reach into the computer and grab her

  11. Youliveyouride

    She’s doing really …
    She’s doing really well :)
    She is soo gorgoues.
    Well done with her.
    She has a really good head, and she listens to the bit really well.

  12. CatherineGallegos

    Yes, she is Arabian …
    Yes, she is Arabian. It looks like YOU have a beautiful Arabian in Germany! hello from California…

  13. 123Zuckerwatte123

    Minuet ist a great …
    Minuet ist a great dressage pony in a amazing dress =) Is she an arab ? Sory my english is bad, i´m from germany =)

  14. MrFishyswaz123

    lovley horse!! …
    lovley horse!! rider! you will exsell with this traing!!!!!!

  15. AliceFlapjack

    Wow….Mini is …
    Wow….Mini is absolutely fabulous (:
    You must be so proud of her.

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