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McGuire- Prelim Event Horse SOLD!


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First run of the 2010 Eventing Season!

*PLEASE READ* Check my riding chanel out to follow me and mats progress through the 2010 Eventing season and watch some funny vids of my horsey life!!

(HQ) *PLEASE READ* So this was mats first run this season, he’d had some lameness issues due to an injury to his corranett band earlier the previous week so I wasnt sure if I’d run him, but obviously I decided to :P I had about 5 mins warmup for the dressage and didnt have time to put his studs in and the ground was very deep and slippy in places, this is why he looks slightly hollow and cautious and i think to deep in the neck at times, but it was a “5 mins to get maximum softness, raaahhh, pull-kick-slip” type of tactic. xD Showjumping he was feeling his oats, I think trying a Loro Piana Tomboy impression at some. I swear my horse imagines another foot on these fences…the reason I was so happy at the end was that he’d been very genuine and careful all the way round, I used to be frequently eliminated on him in the sj xD such a shame he got the double down, but to be fair most everything had it. (sorry for this long description I have a lot to say)
–XC– ahhh mannn! This was our bete’noire for the last two seasons. He used to hate it, and had never jumped a clear though hed always gotten round. The first 2 fences were TINY! Then they beefed up a bit, to my shock he jumped a fast clear, never looked at a ditch, straight into the water, dead on his lines to a corner combi, infact he was a machine, there were places where I really had to ride him, but considering our 3 refusals on a steeplechase at Milton Keynes last september, to come out and jump like he did was ace! Seriously, this horse has been so so so difficult, international eventers have been unable to get him round an intro, so Im super proud of him today! I think this event provided a lightbulb moment for him! Fingers crossed for the rest of the season! Bla bla blaaa, man i’ve typed loads…..

*NEW CHANNEL* To follow more of me and mat please visit my riding chanel-

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Mt Arthur Coal Scone One Day Event

Set in the beautiful Upper Hunter Valley, in New South Wales, just outside of the town of Gundy. The Scone One Day Event offers one of the largest prize pools in Australia. Australia’s best vie for the honours in the three star competition, sharing the same day with juniors and locals in the lower levels.
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Gina Miles Eventing olympic dressage

DISCLAIMER: i do not own any video or music in this clip and it remains the property of the international olympic committee. this clip is for entertainment purposes only

this is Gina Miles and her horse McKinlaigh at the olympic Eventing dressage

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Is there actually any problem with non-title match main eventing Wrestlemania?

WQ2: What about you? Do you have a problem with non-title match main Eventing Wrestlemania?

Shouldn’t Be Any Problem…

WQ2:It all depends. This year, we had Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker, but the rivalry was so deep and the storyline was incredible, the Batista/Cena match could’ve been the main event but Taker/Michaels was going to be one of the biggest matches in history so it had that match compatibility. There are rumors that The Rock is returning this Summer and he said in an interview that he wouldn’t want to just be a guest host, he would want to do something bigger and better to entertain the fans. I would have no problem having a non title match at WrestleMania 27 between The Rock and John Cena. But remember WrestleMania 20. Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg could’ve easily been the main event of the show but they decided not to do that and it turned out that match, was one of the worst in history. So, I would love a non title main event on the grandest stage of them all depending on the match and rivalry hype and the atmosphere.

Theodore O’Connor: The Eventing Legend

Theodore O’Connor was an Eventing Legend. He was an Arabian, Thoroughbred, Shetland cross that stood 14.1 hands tall. He ran head to head with horses twice his size and left them in the dust. He was put down this morning after an accident at David and Karen O’Connor’s farm. RIP Teddy! We all love you!

Copyright Disclaimer
Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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AEC EVENTING CHAMPIONSHIPS BEGINNER NOVICE COURSE 07 coverage of the American Eventing Championships at the Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne Chicago Illinois in 2007. Featuring Sarah Jenkinson and Keogh

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Three Day Event — Thrills & Spills: crosscountry champions

A compilation of amazing moments in crosscountry 3day-Eventing, performed by some of the most famous event horses and riders of the past.

PRICELESS – Virginia (“Ginny”) Leng
CHARISMA – Mark Todd

…check out Murphy Himself in the combo at 02:12!
As said in the film: absolutely superb bit of riding!

Part 2 of a 6-part series. See also:
Thrills & Spills — Last Minute Saves

Thrills & Spills — Water Wipeouts

Thrills & Spills — BAREBACK Puissance

Thrills & Spills — Montage of Mayhem

Thrills & Spills — Fixed Obstacle Faceplants

Courtesy of Martin Bird Productions, and Equestrian Vision

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Eventing Strong

Eventers from Poplar Place show what it takes to Event.

Please Ride Responsibly

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Robbie Dancer British Eventing Borde Hill

Hii guys, OMG so pleased with my horsey! he did AMAZING- all is explained in the video :P Insanely bold on the xc, no wobbly moments! So we’ve decided to move him up to pre novice (3ft3) and he will be doing his first one in two weeks, exciting :P Left school now so i can DEDICATE my time to our dressage which i really need to work on if im gonna win any pre-novices! but just to get a clear xc round one would be fab :) i think we will leave the winning to next year!
I uploaded pictures of all the jumps i jumped on the course because i thouight it would be intresting for foreign riders to see what the courses over here are like, also i tend to look on youtube for courses i havent ridden at yet to see if they are suitable for my horse so if anyone was wondering what the borde hill intro was like well now you know =]
neway hope everyone is gooood,
love anna xx


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