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Edward Gal Sets New World Record?!?

This isn’t really a question but rather something I just wanted to share amongst horsey folk. All I can say is that when I was watching this I was left completely speechless!!!

My guess is it only just happened recently – I found it on a forum that I regularlary visit (EMG-Equestrian Management Group). There is however, the hot debate over Edward Gal using rollkur to acheive this….

And that folks, is what it is all about!!!

Nobody has seat and hands like Edward. I saw him several many years ago in Vegas, and he was totally awesome. He takes this line of hannovarians I think that are a driving line, but can canter. That is how he gets the start of such wonderful expressive trots.

Thank you so much for sharing that. What a beautiful site.

Edward Gal & Moorlands Totilas | Grand Prix Special | EDC Windsor

Edward Gal (NED) and Moorlands Totilas win the silver medal at the 2009 European Dressage Championships Grand Prix Special with a score of 83.042% – including 32 marks of 10.

Duration : 0:9:35

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Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas

Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas win the FEI World Cup Qualifier at Olympia with an amazing score of 92.3% on Wednesday 16th December 2009 You can watch the whole competition on

Duration : 0:0:59

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Gribaldi- Edward Gal

*Watch In High Quality*

This must have been at a clinic or something because he’s not dressed for a show. But what do I know?

I know Gribaldi as the father of Anky Van Grunsven’s stallion, Painted Black

No rude comments!

I do NOT own this horse!

Duration : 0:6:20

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gals describe in detail you dream guy?

include looks personality hair color style eye ect ect

well it would be easyer to instead of describing his personaliy to just say act EXACTLY like christofer drew ingle from never shout never in every shape way an form:)

looks longish skaterish style hair MUST be brown ( excuse my made up words lol)
as far as style lets just say CHRIS DREW INGLE again!!

so let not go any further an say i want CHRISTOFER DREW INLGE so whats ur dream guy like

if you say edward cullen i will literally shoot myself lol jk

Hahaha omg i love christofer!!!! hes a hottie ;) kay anywayss…….probly a dark-haired guy,blue/green eyes nice body,a little taller than me,skater type i guess, a smile to die for,kinda long-straight hair has good morals,is patient, caring, sarcastic/funny,understanding,etc. haha i look for a lot in a guy i guess :P

Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas New Freestyle To Music Experiment

Fantastic horse and rider, but feel the music used in the Kur didn’t do anything for the test. Decided to try to do domething better and this is the first attempt

Duration : 0:6:30

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